1. A stumbling child of God recovering from a deeply embedded Pharisaical approach to God’s Word. There are many still traveling this graceless path seeking the Creator, and this blog is simply a response to what I have experienced in the past, and hoping those enslaved to the same “my way or the highway” mentality will rethink their positions.

    As an entrenched legalist I was fortunate to bang heads with two people in particular that began the unscrambling process in my thinking; Jerry Roberts, an elder somewhere in Georgia who I met on a COC forum, and Al Maxey who shook my erroneous beliefs to the core on his forum The Berean Spirit.

  2. Larry, thanks for adding thekingpin68 to your links.

    I shall reciprocate with your blog in thekingpin68 links now. Both thekingpin68 and satire and theology are philosophical theology blogs.

    Thekingpin68 is more academic with a greater use of citations. Satire and theology has less citations and more satire.

    Thekingpin68 has slightly more links and satire and theology receives slightly more traffic and comments.

    Please email me if you ever want to chat.

    God bless,


  3. Hi Larry,

    My recent satire and theology article links your blog within.


  4. […] Remains. And at Dell Kimberly’s website Who Told You That.¬†And at Larry Mouser’s site An Occasional Opinion. And at Royce Ogle’s Grace Digest. And, interestingly, the blog of the Palestine Prison […]

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