Posted by: larry | December 11, 2008

America…A Christian Nation?

atheist1IT WON’T BE TOO MANY YEARS UNTIL CHRISTIANS FULLY realize they lost the fight to keep America a Christian nation.  Weak protests and churches refusing to set aside their petty differences to unite under the banner of Christ will result in a nation ruled by non-believers who will seek to control what Christians believe, and how they practice what they believe.

Atheists believe Christians are naive, old-fashioned and ignorant, and we continue to fortify that belief by not standing together and voicing our concerns about the direction our nation is heading.  If we continue to sit and do nothing we probably deserve what we get!  Perhaps we have relied on being a Christian nation too many years, and taken for granted our freedom to follow Jesus without government interference.

Non-christian agendas are becoming more apparent every day in our country, and our elected officials, who refuse to acknowledge God as being supreme, are allowing a loud minority to influence their decisions.  Churches in the future will be hard pressed to keep the government out of  their affairs, and a return to the early church practice of meeting from house-to-house just may be the only way to separate the church from an nation no longer under God.

Unless the Lord’s church decides to stand firm against the tide of anti-christian factions that are increasingly pushing their sordid ideas on America, we’re going to lose…big time!

Now that the pessimistic opinion is laid-out, how about an optimistic opinion. Remember though; a pessimist is an optimist with experience!

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  1. Larry,
    I appreciate what you are saying here. I have felt the same way for some time, now. And, I have been very disturbed by how little protest I hear coming from my own Pastors at the Church of which I am a member.

    I have subtly wanted to pass a message to the pastoral staff at my church. I’ve received messages from some that caused me to feel ashamed to have sent them. In fact, one minister threatened to place my email address in his junk mail folder. It is a great disappointment to experience this occurance from with in the only real influence our country has seen since its birth, regarding issues of morality and the straying of our nation from God.

  2. Larry,

    Here is an optimistic response.

    Nations where Christianity is growing rapidly are those where it is most despised. It is not always apparent to us because those Christians are in danger of their lives in many cases and must work underground, yet they are succeeding to reach others and grow. Being a Christian has been very easy in our country. Sometimes ease leads to complacency and apathy. We may very well see a great awakening coming as we Christians come more under attack.

    Next, God has alway raised up and preserved a remnant to be an example and spread His Word. We shouldn’t fear that the world can shut out God.

    Then, we know from Scripture that the day will come when the world will turn away from God. It will be so bad it will even be tough on the believer and the Church will be removed. It is thus actually encouraging to see what is happening amid being discouraged that it does happen and so many people are deceived and lost.

    We need to pray and speak out to the lost, but not lose heart in the face of things. Remember, God works all things to His good and in the end, Goid wins.

    Larry E

  3. Jim

    If our country continues to stray from God there will be a reckoning for sure.

    Perhaps God is already at work in response to a nation that refuses to recognize Him. Being a Christian in the future will be more challenging, but it may also be more profitable in the long run.

    God is in control…

  4. Larry E

    Always like a good optimistic approach, and your 100% right…God wins.

    While God controls all things, He also chastises those He loves, and if Christians have become so complacent in our society that we refuse to stand up for Him when the chips are down, we may be looking at some rough times ahead.

    Regardless of the path our nation takes, we as Christians are obligated to follow our Lord, and I’m convinced He will always be with His children whether in good times, or bad.

    Since all things work for good to those who love Him, I am optimistic that with His help we will always win.

    See, I can be somewhat optimistic… :)

  5. Hi Larry,
    I gave your post to as many Pastors, teachers and leaders of the church as I could. About twenty.
    One of the ministers posted your blog on her post. Take a look Here at Talk Wisdom (click here) .
    I’ve been missing your presence on my blog. I posted one I think you may find quite complementory to your thought processes. Click here to read, “The Bethlehem Star”

  6. ‘IT WON’T BE TOO MANY YEARS UNTIL CHRISTIANS FULLY realize they lost the fight to keep America a Christian nation.’

    America is much more Christianized than Canada and Western Europe, but the liberal secular tide seems to be becoming more powerful in America.

    The Church needs revival and reformation to impact society.


  7. Jim

    For some reason my spam catcher is grabbing your comments. I didn’t know your last comment was on hold…but I found it :)

    As usual I throw out posts to get comments and perhaps cause someone to look at something in a different light. I’m glad we agree on this subject; I do believe it’s important!

  8. Russ

    I agree. Thanks for your comments.

    America is still leaps and bounds in front of most nations, but the future (based on what’s happening now) looks dim.

    Persecuted Christians seem to be more in tune to God’s desires, so perhaps we are just beginning to see the results of a nation that no longer seeks to put God at the top of the list, but will work out better in the long run for Christians.

    If our nation rejects God, He will reject our nation. He won’t reject His people, but there will be some big changes down the road!

  9. Mt:7:14: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

    I don’t know Larry, but seems things are going pretty much as predicted.

  10. laymond

    Thanks for the comments.

    Christians in America are losing their influence because we’re not the squeaky-wheel demanding all the attention. We sit back complacent while small unchristian groups continually push their agendas right in our face while we rarely even whimper.

    If we refuse to stand up and be counted as a Christian, we will all lose.

  11. I believe I have found your long-lost twin bro. chec and see.

  12. Laymond

    I’m not special anymore… :(

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