Posted by: larry | November 10, 2008

God in the Rainbow



Sunday morning there was a spectacular rainbow hovering over the lake that was so brilliant it looked like a painting. The colors were perfect with both ends seemingly disappearing into the water.  When such natural beauty appears it’s easy to recognize the handiwork of God…that is, unless you don’t believe in God.

God set the rainbow to remind us of His promise not to destroy the world again by water. Many scientists only observe the rainbow as being reflected light, droplets of water, and some strange angles that produce the phenomenon, without seeing God as its creator, or realizing what it represents.

Perhaps it does take more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian!

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  1. Larry,

    It absolutely takes more faith to be an atheist. take it from one who used to be one.

    The other Larry.

  2. The other Larry, could you share with us what it was that changed your mind? It might help with others.

  3. Yeah, shamefully, their are scientist who just will not look at the elements that exist and confess that something other than science is behind them. The scientist are always attempting to find a smaller particle. It used to be the atom until they discovered the nuclei and protons. Now, there is some talk of something smaller.

  4. Jim

    When most scientists discover something new, they somehow fail to see God’s autograph written alll over the project.

  5. That is a very nice rainbow I agree, Larry.

    I reason the earth and solar system as is, would not exist and continue to exist without a creative force behind it, and maintaining it.

    Science is very important, but the ‘why’ issue in regard to origins takes a consideration of the first cause.

  6. russ

    The creative force behind our universe demands something out of the ordinary, and God fits perfectly into that role.

    There are some scientists who believe in our creator, and when they tie their discoveries to God I tend to listen, but when some assume we are accidents on earth with no soul or spirit, I’m instantly wary of the rest of their research.

    Thanks for your comments.

  7. the other Larry

    Believing in God seems easy to most of who were brought up in Christian families, but for those who have had to learn on their own, it can be difficult at times.

    It takes courage to change, especially from an atheist to a Christian…you know both sides of the coin, and have made a wise choice my friend.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  8. laymond

    Perhaps Larry (the other) has written about this on his blog. If not it would be a great post for him that might help others.

    Catch ya later,

  9. To laymond, Larry and others,

    I was raised in an atmosphere indifferent to God. (My parents are Christian today, but like me in my youth, were then nominal Christians.) In my 20s, I and my wife sampled a variety of churches and religions. I eventually rejected the existence of God. I was actually attacking the church, arguing and accusing ministers of hypocrisy to their face.

    In the course of those years, my wife and I lost six children. At the age of 34, sitting a week in a labor room, while the hospital desperately with science, tried to save our seventh child I was listening to the babies heart beat on a monitor. It was a strong heartbeat, a fighting-to-live heartbeat. That baby didn’t make, dying upon birth like some before. But it was in that heartbeat I heard God.

    In our despair and hopelessness, we tried church again and in September of that year I became a Christian at last.

    Two and a half years later, despite Doctors saying it was impossible, my wife delivered our first child alive (she is now thirty). Almost three years later, she had our second child (now 27) as a surprise, thinking she was having a miscarriage. My wife had no pre-birth care this time because she didn’t realize she was more than a couple months pregnant. It was as if God was putting an exclamation point that this was by His power, not by anything men of science could do. Two and a half years later, he gave us a son (now 26).

    That’s the brief outline. I have written posts about these things on my “Blog Night Writing in the morning Light”.

    Larry E.

  10. I see where you are coming from, your story could be more than a blog post or comment, you might want to write a book, get help doing so if you need it, most of us would, no matter how good we think we are on these silly blogs. May God bless. ooops he already has.

  11. Title suggestion “THE WRATH and THE BLESSING”
    a story about man vs God, and the eventual winner.
    (just in case you don’t already know, you are the winner)

    Thanks Larry E.

  12. Larry E.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    I’ll check your site for other posts related to this.

    Have a great day!

  13. Hey Larry,
    Time to write some fresh stuff.
    Here is a blog you may find you would like to visit, if nothing but to add to your blog links.
    Click here to visit Coffee, God and Me.

  14. My cousin is an atheist and a wildlife photographer. I sure don’t get it when I look at the sunrise in all its new day glory I’m bursting with God

  15. Milly

    To be an atheist one would have to wear blinders, or mighty dark glasses, not to see the creative power of God in our everyday lives.

    Thanks for coming by…

  16. Only God has the power to create all the elements of the universe we, as human beings, are just beginning to “discover”. This universe runs like a Swiss watch…but even more so, it is ever-changing. One only has to study fractals to see the “creativity in chaos”, supposedly.

    I once had a conversation with a close friend about God…and prayer. He had abandoned “active” Christianity when he began college. But he did say that he prayed. When I asked him when was the last time he prayed, he said that it was during an emergency surgery on a young woman who was “going south” rapidly. He was the anesthesiologist. He said he drew upon every bit of knowledge he had to maintain her life, but was running out of options. It was then that he said, “God, tell me what I need to do next!” Within seconds, he suddenly found another “option”…he used it, and it worked. The young woman survived. That’s when I said, “I rest my case. God’s tryin’ to tell you somethin’.” I continue to pray for him…to let God take control of his life.
    It’s all about faith and seeing God in everything around us. The sight of a rainbow…a full moon in October…a shooting star…snow-kissed mountain tops a hundred miles away…the birth of a baby. Tears came to my eyes when I read “nitwit’s” story…how prayers were answered. “Science” comes from God. All things are possible through Him…all our “progress” in every aspect of life belongs to God.
    Thanks for the rainbow pic! (And YES, “life” for an atheist…and even an agnostic… must be the hardest of all! It’s essentially “no life”.)

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