Posted by: larry | November 5, 2008

The Day After the Election

cross1Adapted from an email; unknown author

The day after the election, regardless of who wins:

  • Jesus will still be King.
  • Our responsibilities as Christians will not have changed one iota.
  • The greatest agent for social change in America will still be winning the hearts and minds of men and women through the gospel, not legislation.
  • My primary citizenship will still be in this order – (1) the Kingdom of God, (2) America, not vice-versa.
  • The tomb will still be empty.
  • The cross, not the government, will still be our salvation.
  • Our children will still be more concerned with whether or not we spend time with them than with who is President.
  • My neighbor will still be my neighbor, and loving him/her will still be the second greatest commandment. (Do you know the first?)
  • The day after the election, regardless of who wins, the only way to see abortion ultimately overturned will still be winning men and women to a high view of life through the gospel of Christ.
  • The only way to see gay marriage ultimately defeated will still be winning men and women to a biblical view of marriage through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • My retirement will still not match my treasure in Heaven.
  • “Jesus Is Lord” will still be the greatest truth in the Universe.
  • We will still know that God is in control.


  1. Hi Larry,
    Thank you for posting such great reminders. I needed it.
    Personally, I spent so much time doing what I could for the McCain campaign, I feel a personal defeat in the election results. But, honestly, I also predicted a win for Obama. Not really predict it. I just read the ‘hand writing on the wall’.
    I’ll be posting a new blog today. Did you have a chance to visit the two ladies I sent links to?

  2. Jim

    Thanks again for your comments. There really wasn’t much mystery involved with this election; over and done with in a heartbeat.

    I have been checking the sites you mentioned, also checked several others directly from your home page links. Also added a few to my links…

  3. Larry,

    AMEN!!! If the writer of Lamentations could write about the steadfast love of the Lord, hopefully those who invested a lot of emotion in McCain will be able to do the same.

    Your fellow citizen of heaven,

  4. There was an old Country song with the lyric, “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places”. When I watched the crowds last night that is how I felt. It should be a reminder to us to keep on keeping on, if I can throw another cliche in the mix.

    The Bible tells us God has control and all this is working toward His plan, even when it may seem 180 degrees away from what we’d expect. Frankly, I see the hand of God in this and it should strength us to be more vigilant and motivated in showing those people where real love is and what real real change is.

    We should pray for the new President that he also realizes this, but also for his well-being.

    And remember all Larry quoted holds true.

    The other Larry

  5. Tim

    Surely the Lord loves us regardless of our political affiliations, or lack thereof.

    Whether this change in our country is to realign us to His way of thinking, or a process of chastisement remains to be seen. Either way, God rules.

  6. the other Larry :)

    I remember that old song. All the glee and jubilation might have lead one tuning in late to think he had stumbled onto a Grateful Dead concert with a revived Jerry Garcia.

    God is still the master of the universe, and all things work for good to those who love Him. I join you in prayer for the new President.

  7. And Larry, and Laymond will remain “Brothers in Christ” Thank God

  8. laymond

    Absolutely no doubt …

  9. Wonderfully put.
    I totally agree with you Larry.
    You do such a fantastic job on your blog in challenging us to see things differently. Your blog has been such a source of strength in my life. God bless you this week and all the weeks to come. Thanks again for this wonderful topic for us to share.

  10. Kenny

    Thanks for dropping by and the nice words…

    The words in this post are from another person I don’t even know, but he has some great points worth sharing.

  11. AMEN! and AMEN!

  12. Tamela

    I agree with your hearty “AMEN!” The writer of this captures my sentiments exactly.

    Thanks for coming by.

  13. Very timely post, Larry. I’m 100% sure that our President-Elect will be very near to the God and Savior of us all. God will be in control…for him…and for us all during these turbulent times. God is faithful…all things are possible through Him.

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