Posted by: larry | October 12, 2008

On Being Imperfect

Christians reflect Jesus 24/7, whether in a good, or bad light.  Many ungodly people continue to live outside Jesus because they see little difference in their lives and in the lives of those professing to follow Jesus.

Living a Christian life often makes one a bulls-eye for unbelievers who usually judge us by how perfectly/imperfectly we follow Jesus.  When we do something good there is little comment (although they recognize the goodness,) but slip-up (at least in their minds) one time, and our name is added to a long list of Christian pretenders.

Since even Christians are human and sin on occasions, it’s important to acknowledge our mistakes, not only to God, but to those who have observed our mistakes.  Letting others know that even Christians goof occasionally gives them hope, and besides, it’s hard not to like and forgive a person when they admit their guilt.

Perhaps it just boils-down to the fact that our daily struggles, and how we go about living our lives is always on display; some will understand that we’re just human (even if a Christian,) and not judge us too harshly, but others will get great satisfaction when we stumble…such is life!

While a Christian may not always appear perfect in the eyes of the world, we have a God that forgives us through Christ, and upholds us by His grace.



  1. Beautiful! On my own I am not perfect–but through the grace of God I am forgiven–therefore perfect! What an amazing Father we have.

  2. Ruth…

    It amazes me why He has anything to do with any of us…

  3. Larry, I doubt that I have ever appeared to anyone to be perfect. If I did it was probably when I was on the operating table with my heart in the doctors hands. :) I was pretty much dead at that time, so I couldn’t offend anyone.

  4. laymond…

    Of all the things I’ve been accused of, perfection is not one of them. Just another time when I was standing behind the door when a gift was handed out… :)

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