Posted by: larry | September 4, 2008

How to Become a Black Sheep

Christians understand the importance of living a Godly life before their church and community,  but  occasionally God leads in mysterious ways that might appear on the surface as being sinful.  Those inclined to make snap decisions based on outward appearances will have a field day with the examples given in the next two paragraphs:

The town drunk has finally decided to trip turn over a new leaf and throw his bottle away, and he comes to me for help; I am seen with him in the cafe for lunch, and even fishing with him later that afternoon, how am I perceived by my community and church?  You know the answer; I’m considered just another drunk by the community, and my wisdom severely questioned by the church for associating with a drunk.  What appears on the surface is not always what’s really going on!

An infamous local prostitute has finally saw the light, talked to the Creator about forgiveness, and has decided to follow Jesus.  I have talked to her before about being a Christian, and being understandably  apprehensive about going to the church building alone she has asked me to take her Sunday morning.  Being single, I’m now a little apprehensive myself… I wonder what kind of reception we will receive based on outward appearances!  I know, I should have brought her with a group, but since this is my little story…no one would go with us.

While understanding the significance of maintaining an untarnished image in the community is important, it’s even more important to be willing to get our hands dirty helping the lost than it is to worry about what the community thinks.  If helping the lost become servants of God tarnishes our image (in church, or the community) its only in human eyes, not in the eyes of God.

If Jesus ate with sinners, and associated with them in other ways, and we are to follow in the steps of Jesus, shouldn’t we be willing to take the same risks?  When everyone speaks good of us, perhaps we’re not always doing what we should be doing.



  1. Brother, what you are doing is truly Christ like, following Jesus. “Take up your cross and follow me”

  2. Laymond…

    The post was not about me if I somehow left that impression. I’m much to chicken for such antics :)

    I think most of us would do what’s right in the scenarios described in my post, but it would definitely take some guts.

    Thanks for coming by again…

  3. Larry, I thought I had found my hero, I guess I will just have to stick with Jesus :)

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